If you love ice cream like most Kiwis do, you’ll know about Rush Munro’s.

We’re New Zealand’s oldest ice cream maker and we’ve been hand crafting 100% natural ice cream since 1926. Everything in our ice cream is natural. No artificial colours or additives, just award-winning great tasting ice cream that your taste buds will love.

Not only is Rush Munro’s proudly New Zealand’s oldest ice cream maker but we’ve also remained privately owned and operated since 1926. We’re proud of our extensive range of iconic flavours whether it’s our original Hokey Pokey, Passionfruit, Maple & Walnut or Vanilla Bean. Each batch of our ice cream is hand crafted and batch churned to create the world-class premium ice cream we’re known for near and far.

Ready-to-Eat & Take-Home Ice Cream

Our 100% natural ice cream is enjoyed around New Zealand and is available Ready-to-Eat at scooping outlets, Served-On-Menu at restaurants and cafes, or in Take-Home-Tubs from supermarkets and good food stores. And, it’s still lovingly served at our iconic Ice Cream Garden in Hastings, where you can choose from over 30 award-winning ice cream and sorbet flavours.

The story began in 1926, when our English born founder, Frederick Charles Rush Munro arrived in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand.

They opened with seven varieties of toffee and candy – and that evening they’d sold the lot. Gradually the range expanded to include 100% natural real-fruit ice creams, fruit drinks and chocolates, all made from Rush Munro’s own recipes.


Surviving 1931 and the Ice Cream Garden

The original shop fell victim to the devastating 1931 Hawke’s Bay earthquake, but much of the stock was salvaged and used to help in the relief operation. Within 30 days of the catastrophe Rush Munro’s was in operation again, this time at the present site in Heretaunga Street, Hastings. At first a tent served as a temporary shop, then the new premises gradually evolved into the Ice Cream Garden, which has since become a world famous Hawke’s Bay landmark and a traditional outing for locals and visitors alike.

Frederick Charles Rush Munro sold the business in 1949, but memories of his unique style of proprietorship remain and good old fashioned values continue with Rush Munro’s original flavours continuing to be batch churned in machines, which are modern versions of those used in the 1940s.


Rush Munro’s Today

In 2000, Rush Munro’s was purchased by John and Vicki Bostock who felt it was important to keep such an iconic Hawke’s Bay business in local hands. The Bostock family are truly passionate about organic and natural products with John Bostock’s group of companies being New Zealand’s largest organic apple grower and exporter.

Natural Ingredients

When we say 100% natural, we mean it. Our products have super short ingredient lists that you don’t need a food science degree to understand because we only use what’s needed to produce delicious 100% natural ice cream.

Our premium ice creams contain no nasty artificial colours, preservatives, additives or flavours. We use pure farm fresh New Zealand cream and whole milk, fresh eggs, pure cane sugar and the finest local produce. You’ll never catch out Rush Munro’s using artificial colourings to make our products look better – we just focus on making great tasting ice cream.

All our ingredients, where possible, are sourced from New Zealand, mostly from local Hawke’s Bay food purveyors such as The Silky Oak Chocolate Factory, Arataki Honey and berries from The Strawberry Patch. Our real fruit ice creams contain up to 21% real fruit – we’re remarkably fussy when it comes to picking out sun-ripened fruit to trap that ‘just picked’ flavour.

The Ice Cream Garden

Since 1931, families have been visiting the iconic Rush Munro Ice Cream Garden to sample the award winning creations of New Zealand’s oldest ice cream maker. Come in and visit us when you’re next in town!

Situated in the heart of Hastings, the Ice Cream Garden is a tranquil oasis for weary travellers and ice cream devotees alike. Sample our gold medal winning ice creams in Rush Munro’s original rose garden and learn the history of our exquisite hand crafted, 100% natural, batch churned ice cream.

Many a birthday, holiday or daily treat has been celebrated with a hand rolled ice cream cone or homemade milkshake in our delightful garden setting. Surrounded by beautiful trees and fishponds, the garden setting provides the perfect environment for young children, parents and grandparents alike to enjoy our delicious range of Rush Munro’s ice creams while fostering life long memories.